Seven Quick Tips about Cloud Computing

Seven Quick Tips about Cloud Computing

Distance computing was there since the beginning of Internet. That is the backbone which helped the internet to reach the stage where it is now. Started as simple servers, it grew into Distributed computing, and now reached a stage called as the Cloud.

Basic You tube Video on Cloud Computing

So the basic question: What is a cloud Computational structure?


1. What is cloud Computing ?

Well the easiest definition is a platform which provides computational power through internet. Web apps, website, or software can be a beneficiary of this architecture.

2. When did Cloud Computing start ?

This kind of systems were already there even before the exact term “Cloud” was so popular. The simplest form of this is when Distant servers were used to store databases as backup storage’s, so that any localized misshapen will not affect the data. They were more of Dumb data storages than computers.

T he web bubble pushed the limits of usual computational infrastructure. Websites Started as simple information providers (like info about companies, people or as an encyclopedia) and evolved to entire computation powers including various services. In such times, just providing data back up was not sufficient to meet these demands. It ended up in providing distant servers as computational devices.

3. Okay tell me about its initial days ?

It all started with providing remote server infrastructure where user can host his own Software and data while data security is taken care by vendors. Known as of Remote virtual machines. Most of the time user will load an OS in the provided infrastructure and use it merely as a remote computer which works 24×7. The problem? Well, then the entire integrity of the machine depends on the user…. If any mistake from the user side, entire platform might shut down.

4. So then what was the advantage of this cloud system ?

Okay in one word “Scalability” . User cannot expand the existing space by just clicking some buttons, instead he has to purchase a new space with new configuration and Move entire platform to this…. It is very tiresome especially when most of the companies are having an exponential, unpredictable growth.

5. How do we see Cloud, Now…….

Recent cloud infrastructure is offering much more than old virtual machine concept… The user is provided with a pre-developed platform where all necessary services, software supports and flexibilities already build. All the infrastructure security, data security and Scaling functionality are provided by vendor. User might be charged based on the usage of infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service-IaaS) Or based on the software the user is using (Software as a Service-SaaS) or the amount of the entire platform the user is using (Platform as a Service- PaaS).

Cloud Computing is made of individual compute components. These are often virtualize to create individual compute and storage pieces

Cloud Made of Computing

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6. So How can it be “pushed” a bit ?

Started as just a platform for providing basic facilities for Web applications, Cloud services grew so fast… Starting from basic software supports to Providing complex machine learning and cognitive services for analyzing and predicting data, cloud has it all… Not to forget automated services to alert the users through calls or messages in mobiles or apps…

7. How one is making it Physical or er connecting with physical devices ?

When physical devices became intelligent and connective, cloud was the easiest and sensible choice for getting supporting it. It required much more than providing platforms for web applications…like, providing information securities to Millions of devices, communicating with them parallel to and fro, storing and analyzing the data from each of these devices on a real time, making triggers and user alerts…It is really complex…. Scalability is not an option but an underlying necessity… An interconnection of Physical world to the Web world, this started the world of IOT (Internet of things)

Internet of things or IoT is network of devices like phones, smart TVs, smart ACs, cameras and others. It will be a much bigger network than humans and will be powered by cloud computing

Internet of things powered by cloud

Looking backwards, it seems all this would have been Impossible without cloud.

The author Anand Balagopal is Tech Evangalist at startup company Tyre Express  ; He can be contacted at 

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Anand Balagopal
Technology Evangelist at Tyre Express
Anand is working as tech lead at Tyre Express where is leading the team to build an IoT device and when last heard was working on Azure cloud.

Anand is working as tech lead at Tyre Express where is leading the team to build an IoT device and when last heard was working on Azure cloud.