Blockchain Technology To Revamp Email Messaging

Blockchain Technology To Revamp Email Messaging

Being the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain has a lot more to offer than one could possibly imagine. The list of applications pertaining to the use of Blockchain is very broad and it has immense potential to outclass a large number of existing software systems. The beauty of blockchain lies in its openness and versatility. Being an open-source digital ledger, it can be employed in every field which requires notary services or where some written entities are to be managed. Besides, the data stored on blockchain is protected by the most advanced form of cryptography. This and many other impeccable features of blockchain make it a perfect solution for so many different types of applications.

Seeing the current trends, the use of blockchain in email messaging is constantly bumping up. You read it right, the blockchain technology is now being used in streamlining the email services since the existing email services are no longer secure. As a matter of fact, there have been countless incidents of phishing and email hacking where the users lost their credentials and their accounts were manipulated and misused. The traditional email system is quite vulnerable and more prone to cyber attacks. This is generally because most of the worldwide email service providers are using ageing and obsolete technologies. In this context, the use of blockchain will surely consolidate the email system and make it more robust, secure and immune to the cyber threats looming around for decades.

The Yahoo Security Breach
Blockchain seemed to be a good alternative for improving email services and after years of discussions and endless debates, it seems like time has come when we need it the most. Owing to the most recent security breach encountered by Yahoo, millions of user accounts are at stake. In the aftermath of this breach, Yahoo is constantly urging its users to change their account passwords. However, changing so many passwords frequently might also be detrimental from the experts’ point of view.

For all one knows, this isn’t the first time we are witnessing something like this. Just a few months back, in September 2016, somewhat around 500 million Yahoo accounts were stolen by some anonymous figure or a group of black hats. This time however, it’s more precarious than it could ever be, jeopardizing the privacy of over a billion Yahoo accounts in the process.

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Blockchain Oriented Email Services
Seeing all these incidents, we can extrapolate that it’s high time we try something new to add an extra layer of protection to our existing email services. In this context, what can be a better solution than the blockchain?

Just so you know, there are quite a few startups are coming up with sturdy blockchain solutions to fortify the emailing system. Some examples are Swiftmail and Cryptamail. Both email services are decentralized and are run by their Peers. Following the proof-of-work algorithm, these email clients make use of an encrypted email architecture, leveraging the benefits of most advanced cryptographic ledger ever existed i.e Blockchain.

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Anirudh Bhardwaj on sablinkedin
Anirudh Bhardwaj
Anirudh is Web Content Developer at Oodles Technologies Pvt Ltd. He has done B Tech from Maharshi Dayanand University.

Anirudh is Web Content Developer at Oodles Technologies Pvt Ltd. He has done B Tech from Maharshi Dayanand University.