BRMS (Business Rule Management System)

A generation ago, IT moved from hard coded data to using database management systems (DBMS), today, IT is making the same leap from hard coded decision logic to configurable decision logic using a business rule management system (BRMS).   What is BRMS? A BRMS or business rule management system is a software system used to define, deploy, execute, monitor and maintain […]

By Vidhita Deshmukh | Blog

Fraud Risk Management using Artificial Intelligence

Fraud is an issue that all organizations may face regardless of size, industry or country. The risks of fraud may only be increasing, with growing globalization, more competitive markets, rapid developments in technology, and periods of economic difficulty. Organizations are dealing with Fraud risk with sound system of internal controls. But the need is : “When […]

By Vidhita Deshmukh | Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Deep Learning

What is deep learning? Deep Learning is a branch of machine learning.  It’s central application these days to solve perception problems. For eg – Understand what people are talking Help robots interact with world Recognize images Speech Recognition Computer Vision   Deep Learning is also increasingly being used to solve image recognition in medical images, […]

By Ashish Lal | Artificial Intelligence

Basics of Project Management

Project management has been proven to be effective method to deliver projects under time, cost and resource constraints. Understanding and applying project management good processes and practices, understanding its essential elements would improve your ability to manage projects. Difference between Project Vs Program Vs Portfolio Project Program Portfolio Project is temporary undertaking to create unique […]

By Vidhita Deshmukh | Project Management

How to enhance value through innovative commercial models?

Price is arguably the most important component of the marketing mix. Many a deal is sacrificed at the altar of the price. Thanks to the state of the world economy, advances in the technology and intense competition, the industry is constantly innovating pricing models. The old pricing models (T&M for instance) are no longer relevant […]

By srisukta | Marketing

Alliances are made in the boardroom but tested in the field!

Alliances are an important part of war and corporate strategy. CXOs view it as a lever to enhance market share and dominance across the globe and industries. After almost a decade-long hiatus, alliances are back in vogue in the IT industry. Thanks to the uncertainty in the wake of digital disruption and resulting business flux, […]

By Sridhar Throvagunta | Marketing . Strategic Alliance

Are Indian Cities ready to take the massive challenge of Urbanization?

More than 50% of global population stays in cities. India is projected to add more than 300 million urban population by 2050, which is more than the current US population. Worldwide cities consumes 70% energy produced, 80% of greenhouse emission, and 75% of waste. Looks scary? Consider Delhi, the national capital region, and one of […]

By Prasun Talukdar | SmartCity

Why Is It Important To Have Digital Presence?

Today, individuals and organizations need to have digital presence; having a digital presence simply means that you occupy space online. Few years’ back digital presence meant an organization having its own website. Today most of the individual have digital presence because of boom in social media. Connectivity is the mantra. The question is does your […]

By Vidya Hattangadi | Marketing
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