How can you smartly spy on content marketing by your competition and avoid their costly mistakes ?

How many of you have wondered if there was a service which could tell you where exactly is your competition advertising and how effective it is for them? I am sure, there are many of you around who could kill for an answer. Especially, when it comes to native advertising, there are very few ways […]


Blockchain Technology To Revamp Email Messaging

Being the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, Blockchain has a lot more to offer than one could possibly imagine. The list of applications pertaining to the use of Blockchain is very broad and it has immense potential to outclass a large number of existing software systems. The beauty of blockchain lies in its openness and versatility. […]

By Anirudh Bhardwaj | Blockchain

The Indian IoT Market Is Exploding Despite Gaping Security Holes

While jogging through my neighborhood park in Bangalore, India, I often notice other joggers glancing at their Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled tracking devices to record their fitness scores. The IoT is rapidly transforming our lifestyles and businesses in India. A leading Indian vehicle manufacturer recently announced plans to place IoT-enabled sensors in its vehicles. No […]

By Amit Kumar | Internet of things

Blockchain Disrupting Every Single Sector

Blockchain Technology had been known to add magic to the bitcoin transactions platform and it’s certainly not limited to that only. It has benefitted several other industries and verticals very profoundly which includes Government, Banking, Land Acquisition and disputes, Music and so on. Before moving further and discussing which all industries are getting benefitted with […]


TechXpla Interview with Sumit Saraf Founder JUSTAP Media

  TechXpla met with JUSTAP Media Founder Sumit Saraf .JUSTAP is facilitating a new platform to the Indian Media industry, where companies can place their TV and digital content & campaigns to a unique set of people. They believe that their platform offers 100% customer engagement unlike the existing conventional ways of branding. They have […]

By Ajit Joshi | Interview

Seven Quick Tips about Cloud Computing

Distance computing was there since the beginning of Internet. That is the backbone which helped the internet to reach the stage where it is now. Started as simple servers, it grew into Distributed computing, and now reached a stage called as the Cloud. Basic You tube Video on Cloud Computing So the basic question: What […]

By Anand Balagopal | Internet of things

Ransomware remains a booming business in 2016?

We are almost at end of 2016 and we have seen a stiff graph of Ransomware attacks in 2016. According to email security statistics Osterman Research June 2016 survey says that almost one out of every two participants indicated their organization had suffered an at least one ransomware attack in 12 months Average number of […]

By Anumita Mukherjee | Cyber Crime . Security

Which Cloud Platform Is Ideal to Host IoT Apps?

Internet of things or IoT is becoming a point of discussion both in and outside of the working environment. It’s an idea that just can affect how we live in addition to how we work. Be that as it may, what precisely is the “Internet of Things” and what effect is it going to have […]

By Milita Datta | Internet of things
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