A Brief Introduction To Technology Vision 2035

Predicting the future can be a risky business. Especially so in technology. Things that the pundits predicted in a decade’s time haven’t happened after fifty years. And things they said are still far away did arrive in a few years. But when it comes to technological future of a nation, someone has to take this […]


“Artificial” Intelligence – A Means to Solve “Real” Life Problems

It’s here, it’s there, it’s around you, it’s everywhere! You may not see it, but you can still find its presence around you! There it goes! Trying to trick me intelligently as I press backspace to correct the typo, only to find that it already has been corrected! I wouldn’t call it Artificial Intelligence (AI), […]

By Shruti Kumar | Artificial Intelligence

Top 10 Essentials to Creating Your Effective LinkedIn Profile

Gone are the days for creating profiles just for the sake of social media and ranting updates. These days, people are becoming more focused on success and this is where LinkedIn wins. In order for you to grow your career it has become essential to create a professional linkedin profile. There is a right and […]


1 thing that ensures your site delivers an income

Far too many Internet business owners create their websites with great enthusiasm, expecting this asset to generate a steadily increasing income for them, month on month. 90% pay to host their websites on a great webhost.  They pay a web development company good money, to create a great looking site with terrific functionality. Their sites […]


Affiliate Marketing for SaaS Business

We already know affiliate marketing has been very famous for Consumer B2C Business. Like Coupondunia, couponrani and many other sites are earning big with affiliate marketing for B2C Business. Now if I look at B2B software/hardware business, the model was already there and are termed as channel business. But with evolution of cloud services specifically […]

By Milita Datta | SaaS

How can you sell to 40 million farmers in India through a low cost digital channel?

Everyone wants to capitalize on the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid in India, but so far only a privileged few have managed to do that. A recent article in Economic times discussed about the fact that even grocers in supposedly nondescript towns in Uttarakhand are looking forward to upgrade their feature phones to […]


8 Healthtech Startups Rock the Show at IBM SmartCamp 2016 for Healthtech

IBM SmartCamp 2016, India’s biggest industry-focused startup challenge came with its healthtech edition. The earlier Fintech edition held in Mumbai was well appreciated by the community. It is organised by IBMs Global Entrepreneur Program . IBM GEP. In this Techxpla webinar, the program is discussed in detail by IBM GEP country lead Radhesh Kanumury […]

By Ajit Joshi | Healthtech

TechXpla interview Mayur Dabhade, Cofounder & CEO of 360Track

Introduction: 360Track helps parents and educational institutes to be on the same platform and communicate seamlessly with each other and thus efficiently contribute to child’s academic growth. 360Track solution consists of a Device, Smart Cards, SMS service, Online Software and Mobile App. The device is affixed at entrance of institute (coaching classes/ school/ college). As […]

By Ajit Joshi | Interview
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