Giving “wings” to “Internet of Things”

Internet of things is one of the hot topics in the technology industry and one would get to hear on IoT either at workplace or wherever you go. So what exactly is this “Internet of Things”? I am going to highlight some key concepts in this article just to give you an idea of what […]

By Shruti Kumar | Internet of things

Is Agile the latest Fad in the industry?

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t hear someone question me on ‘Agile’; the new kid on the block. Being an Agile evangelist has its own perks and one of them is being treated as living and walking encyclopaedia on Agile. The recent one being; “So, is Agile the latest Fad in […]

By Anushree Verma | Agile

For the love of Microsoft

Microsoft! The most complex ‘thing’ I have ever come across. Be it the type of partnerships they have or the programs under which they sell their products or the Licensing policies that imply on their products – it seems to be more complex than the anatomy of a human brain. I always say that, Microsoft […]

By Zaigham Hasan | Microsoft

Ingram Micro Acquired by Tianjin Tianhai part of HNA Group : (Reaction from Social Media)

Yesterday morning 18/2 India time,I read news online, that Chinese group HNA has aquired Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro is an technology distributor. HNA was a chinese group into transportation, aeronautics and related infrastructure. The valuation was US$ 6 billion in cash. This was at 31% premium to its closing share price. This will be great […]

By Ajit Joshi | Tech Acquisition

The Natural Next Step In The Evolution Of IoT– HaLow

The Wi-Fi Alliance recently announced the long-awaited Wi-Fi HaLow standard for products incorporating IEEE 802.11ah wireless networking technology HaLow extends a flavor of Wi-Fi into the 900 MHz band, which provides greater range than the pre-existing 2.4 GHz standard, provides better connectivity through barriers such as walls and promises extensibility in the development of low-power Internet […]

By Ramesh Naidu | Internet of things

A survey of artificial intelligence in industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a buzzword in the technology industry. If you are following up technology news, you will get to read eye catching AI news almost every day. Large companies are realising that they will be at a loss if they remain behind in acquiring competence in AI. Prominent technology companies like […]


Marketing in digital era

In today’s complex marketing world, defining digital marketing is a bit difficult. On the contrary I will put it like this – in today’s complex digital marketing era defining marketing strategies is no longer a simple job.  Digital marketing is the promotion of products and services using one or more forms of electronic media. Thus, […]

By Vidya Hattangadi | Marketing

B2B Marketing Guide: 5 Simple and Effective Business Marketing Strategy.

Since the day I started my professional career, I have been developing and helping Small and Medium Businesses in their Marketing & Communications and Sales Strategies. The organization I worked with were mostly Business to Business (B2B) companies providing IT services and solutions to other business. With my core Industry being Information Technology, I was […]

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