In Mumbai Ajit Joshi interviewed the founder and CEO of, Ankit Dudhwewala. Software suggest is a marketplace for business applications that helps companies find the right software and app.Ankit shared  insights like how the business model works, some market statistics, as well as how he started his entrepreneurial journey.

Ajit : How many softwares are listed today in software suggest?

Ankit : We have upward of 3000 software.

Ajit : What are the type and categories of software are listed .All of these are Indian companies or you have overseas companies as well?

Ankit : You can find the categories here. . We have both Indian and Global software.

Ajit : Do you resell software or affiliate marketing? What is your business model or revenue plan?

Ankit : Our revenue model is primarily advertisements.

Ajit : What is your story of starting this business and challenges you faced?

Ankit In my previous assignment at the pharma company we decided to implement ERP software in 2008. Even though the process started in the same year, we had to changed 3 vendors and could find a good match only in 2012. As a result, besides the direct loss of money, the company also lost important data, had to train its 500+ employee multiple times & lost key customers.
The problem was lack of information on various software option available & absence of review on the service quality of the vendors, coupled with the disparity in pricing. It was then I realized the need for a software discovery platform like SoftwareSuggest in India.
We hence started SoftwareSuggest in Jan 2014, and could put up the first version for users by March. At SoftwareSuggest, we aim at simplifying this process of software selection and helping small and medium business get the right software in the first attempt.

Ajit : What are the good software companies in Ahmedabad and In India?

Ankit : There are many. Indian software companies are becoming the hub for SaaS software. So I cannot name one.

Ajit :  It has been said that Indians like to use software but not willing to pay for it? What is your experience in that?

Ankit : Things are changing. The current generation is able to understand the importance of software, and the productivity it can give. I am sure in the next 5 year, they will be the core of all business operations.

Ajit : Gartner used to define social,mobile,cloud,information as nexus of forces basically converged as 4 Techs. Do you see that in India?Example : Are customers asking for mobility version or cloud version of enterprise apps or social CRM?

Ankit : Yes. Software will soon be most on the cloud, should be accessible from mobile. Most CRM are not integrated with social profiles. Most of them automatically pull linkedin profile, twitter profile and some even pull the social feeds of the customer.

Ajit :  Name any customer who thanked you for your platform and your advice? Do you only cater to indian users/customers?

Ankit : We have both Indian and international customer. Most of our customers like us, but pointing out one will be difficult.

Ajit : Do you have any forecast for software business in india? Is it expected to grow?

Ankit : Domestic SaaS industry is poised to grow at 12% pa. That is gartners forcast not mine.

Ajit : PM Modi has launched startup India program. Do you think software product companies or SaaS business to kickstart in India. If yes which areas?

Ankit : SaaS is probably the best bet if you want to start up now. Customer management, ecommerce, security and HR are the good areas to be in.

Ajit : How do you expect your website to grow. – what is your roadmap?

Ankit : We are coming up with tools to help simplify software purchase decisions. We want everyone to visit softwaresuggest atleast once before making a software purchase decision.