Ajit Joshi interviewed the founder and CEO of SaYourIdeas.com – Kunal Soni. 

Kunal Soni Sayourideas.comSaYourIdeas.com wants to bring all startups with unique business ideas and concepts,  innovative products and services together.  It will be single platoform to connect them to each other and also showcasing their concepts to the Investors, Corporate companies and market experts to create the next big thing. So in that sense SaYourIdeas.com will act as an investment Banker to all these startup ecosystem participants. Prior to that, Kunal did MBA from University of Liverpool had 7 years of experience in Finance domain in London and Mumbai.

Currently Kunal is organizing an event “Co founders Matchup” on 31st July 2016. Techxpla.com spoke to him to understand more about him, his organisation and this startup event.

Watch video to have a better understanding of SaYourIdeas.com

Q1. Thanks for speaking with us. When did you know that you wanted to start SaYourIdeas.com

During my University days we had n number of business ideas and unique propositions, our university had many brilliant students with unique ideas but had no platform for showcasing it. I thought of this as an opportunity and started exploring the ways out, that’s where Sayourideas was born.

Q2. What did you study ? How did it help you in this startup ? 

I did my MBA in Finance from University of Liverpool, best thing about it was cross culture people and all having various background and business ideas. Our university has an Entrepreneurship cell which supports the students with unique ideas and passion to make it a reality. It was from my university I tied up initially to get these unique ideas on my platform followed by various E-cells in India.

Q3. What was your work experience prior to SaYourIdeas.com

I worked in couple of companies as a Institutional Research Analyst where I used to do market research for various companies and determine their stock valuations and fair pricing. I used to help Fund managers in buying a right stock at right price in various sectors.

Q4. How did you start SaYourIdeas ? What was the planning involved ? 

Similar to other startups Sayourideas was also started in a garage (mine was my hostel room), initially I had no clue what should I built how should I go forward with the idea. I spoke with my Father and elder brother about the concept, as being laymen in startup industry they didn’t understand a word but one good thing which happened was they supported me with whatever I was doing. I still remember my father’s word which said – ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but I am sure you are doing something good’. This was the boost for me, I then approached my seniors at my workplace and few friends in the industry and they really liked the concept. As being a research analyst I did my market research and approached few techie guys and started building my website, but this didn’t help I had to get few investors and inventors on board and tie up with good colleges. Luckily my contacts from finance industry helped me in getting the investors and hard work in approaching various colleges, giving presentations, explaining them the concept it all summed up to what it is today. I haven’t approached any investors yet to fund my startup as it is self-sustaining, whatever amount spent is from my previous earnings. I believe a business works in a team, without which you cannot achieve your goals, on the same line few of my friends have joined hands with me for Sayourideas and are working along as founding partners.

Q5. What is the profile of your startups? what is role of technology in these startup businesses ?

The startups in my website ranges from Ideation phase to Expansion phase and comes from all business domains. Majority of them are the one with ready prototypes and want to enter into the market or the one who are good to get funding. Sayourideas help people right from the ideation phase to expansion phase at each and every stage of your startup, we are not and incubator we just connect you to the right people so you can move ahead with your business. Technology is essential in such platform, our next version of the website will have machine learning and will show the startups at their respective stage and sector the correct direction and the people they need to connect for their next business move. The whole game is about technology and how easy you can make someone’s life.

Q6. What were early success for SaYourIdeas ? 

We are yet to taste success J I believe success is when you have created a benchmark for someone and we are yet to achieve that. Talking about early support I can say cracking few investment funding deals, getting colleges and startups on board and most importantly getting people trusted on us. We are people oriented, I wouldn’t say that there are early success but yes whatever we are till now is sheer hardwork, strategic decisions and maintaining the relationship with the right people. Our goals for the organisation is to get all creative ideas across the globe on one platform and nurture them to become the next big thing. We want to make investments in startups, creative ideas and doing the business a simple cake walk, the day we achieve it, I will say we are successful.

Q7. Now coming to this CoFounders Matchup. How did you get this idea of this event? 

After talking to various startups and people with real unique ideas I realised that major need for the people is not funding but a tech Co-Founder, these days you might get funding from your relative and friends but to get a quality tech person is real hard to find. As we have tie ups with few elite colleges and tech companies we thought why can’t we organise an event which solves this purpose and that’s where Co-Founders Matchup came into the picture.

Q8. Please give us details of this event ? 

If you are looking for a tech Co-founder or want to build your tech team please get registered on Sayourideas.com/events/cof we are calling techies from various elite colleges such as IIT B, TCET, SPIT and also the experienced people from various tech domains who can become the CTOs or leading developers in your startup. The event is held on 31st of July at Workloft (Bhandup west), all the startups will meet with all the techies one-on-one. We aren’t stopping here we have also called upon few investors who would be cherry picking your startups and you can have a chance to pitch to them directly. Offcourse there is an open networking session too so you can met the organisers, sponsors and partners of the event. The event starts at 11.00am and ends at 7.00pm all the details of the event can be seen here Sayourideas.com/events/cof

Q9. Finally Can we still register and attend the event. 

Yes, you can still register and attend the event at Sayourideas.com/events/cof

Thanks Kunal for speaking with techxpla.com . Wish you all the best in the entrepreneur journey .