B2B Marketing Strategy


Alliances are made in the boardroom but tested in the field!

Alliances are an important part of war and corporate strategy. CXOs view it as a lever to enhance market share and dominance across the globe and industries. After almost a decade-long hiatus, alliances are back in vogue in the IT industry. Thanks to the uncertainty in the wake of digital disruption and resulting business flux, […]

By Sridhar Throvagunta | Marketing . Strategic Alliance

The Indian IoT Market Is Exploding Despite Gaping Security Holes

While jogging through my neighborhood park in Bangalore, India, I often notice other joggers glancing at their Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled tracking devices to record their fitness scores. The IoT is rapidly transforming our lifestyles and businesses in India. A leading Indian vehicle manufacturer recently announced plans to place IoT-enabled sensors in its vehicles. No […]

By Amit Kumar | Internet of things

B2B Marketing Guide: 5 Simple and Effective Business Marketing Strategy.

Since the day I started my professional career, I have been developing and helping Small and Medium Businesses in their Marketing & Communications and Sales Strategies. The organization I worked with were mostly Business to Business (B2B) companies providing IT services and solutions to other business. With my core Industry being Information Technology, I was […]


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